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At Tosee Siloha Company, we are dedicated to the localization of cutting-edge construction techniques and optimizing our processes to enhance machinery efficiency, accelerate project execution, and reduce manpower and costs effectively. Our commitment extends to incorporating modern innovations in architectural and design practices. This includes implementing energy-efficient solutions such as thermal insulation, designing advanced heating and cooling systems, and adopting state-of-the-art indoor plumbing systems. We also prioritize the use of innovative materials, such as advanced wall brick techniques, in our construction projects. Over the years, Tosee Siloha Company has successfully completed numerous expansive complexes and structures. Our residential and commercial buildings, constructed with the latest techniques and innovations, serve as benchmarks and symbols of excellence within the construction industry of our nation.


Sustainable and hygienic grain storage in metal and concrete silos has always been a strategic priority for countries. To date, T.S.C. has successfully executed more than 30 grain storage silos with a total capacity exceeding two million six hundred fifty thousand tons.

In addition to these achievements, our projects include the construction of six metal silos with a total capacity of forty thousand tons in various cities in Turkmenistan, totaling an overall capacity of 180 thousand tons. We have also implemented ten concrete silos with a total capacity of one million one hundred thousand tons in different regions of Syria, utilizing the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) method. These projects encompass a wide range of activities, including geotechnical and soil mechanics operations, foundation design, and the design of silos and related structures, industrial diagram design, as well as the planning, construction, and installation of machinery, all carried out by T.S.C. , with the involvement of domestic companies for completion, commissioning, and handover to clients.”

Power Plants

The rapid growth of basic industries and infrastructure has significantly increased the global demand for electricity, necessitating meticulous planning for its production. Gas and combined cycle power plants have emerged as among the most efficient and cost-effective means to meet this demand. Tosee Siloha Company stands as a prominent player in this sector, having actively contributed to the construction of numerous combined cycle power plants. Notably, our expertise extends to the design and construction of concrete and steel dry cooling towers, often exceeding heights of 120 meters and diameters of 80 meters or more. These towers are equipped with advanced Heller and hybrid systems, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness in power plant operations.

Initially, concrete cooling towers were constructed using the slip form method. However, since 2005, our company has adopted the modern clamping form method, which offers greater precision and efficiency in tower construction. To date, Tosee Siloha Company has successfully executed over 26 cooling tower projects, solidifying our position as a leader in the field of power plant infrastructure development.

Other Projects

  • Petrochemical: “We actively contribute to the construction of oil, gas, and petrochemical buildings and facilities, leveraging our expertise in this complex sector.”

    Industrial Factories: “We specialize in the design and construction of various industrial factories, with a notable focus on cement manufacturing facilities, showcasing our expertise in the field of industrial construction. Our track record includes the successful completion of 6 cement factories, further exemplifying our extensive experience in this sector.”

    Sport Centers: “We excel in the construction and development of gyms and sport centers, led by specialized personnel and experts adhering to international standards, ensuring top-quality facilities.”

    Bridge Construction and Non-Level Intersections: “Our capabilities extend to the construction of concrete and metal bridges, as well as underpasses for river crossings and non-level intersections.”

    Drilling and Exploitation of Mines: “We employ advanced extraction technology for mining operations, supported by efficient conveying systems, ensuring safe and expedited extraction of materials.”

    Road Construction: “Tosee Siloha Company has successfully executed access road projects, including excavation, embankment, foundation work, sub-foundation construction, asphalt paving, traffic management, and the installation of road signs, meeting project requirements comprehensively.”

    Greenhouse: “We have undertaken the construction of four greenhouse units in the cities of Buin Zahra, Parsabad Moghan, Andimeshk, and Khomein, contributing to sustainable agriculture practices in these regions.


Total Projects: 65


Total Projects: 12


Total Projects: 20


Total Projects: 65


Total Projects: 12


Total Projects: 20

Some of our Silos Projects

1Daraa SiloSyria2011Syrian G.C.C.S.
2Shenshar SiloSyria2011Syrian G.C.C.S.
3Sarakeb SiloSyria2010Syrian G.C.C.S.
4Sharakrak SiloSyria2010Syrian G.C.C.S.
5Serrin SiloSyria2010Syrian G.C.C.S.
6Extension Projects of Serrin , Sharakrak
&Alia Silos
Syria2010Syrian General Co.
for Cereal Silos
7Extension Projects of Kabaka &
Sabah Alkheir Silos
Syria2010Syrian General Co.
for Cereal Silos
8Honaida SiloSyria2010Syrian G.C.C.S.
9Tal Hamis SiloSyria2009Syrian G.C.C.S.
10Aia SiloSyria2009Syrian G.C.C.S.
11Sabah Alkheir SiloSyria2008Syrian G.C.C.S.
12Kabaka SiloSyria2008Syrian G.C.C.S.
13Kok sazi zob ahan SilosIsfehan City2006Zob ahan Co.
14Bijar SiloBijar City2004Ministry of agriculture
15Turkmenistan Steel Silos ( 6 Projects)Across Turkmenistan2001Turkmenistan
Agriculture & Food
Industries Ministry
16Bojnourd SiloBojnourd City2001Cereal Organization
17Khorramabad SiloKhorramabad City2001Ministry of agriculture
18Gonbad Mechanized StorageGonbad City2001Ministry of agriculture
19Manufacturing & Erection of Machinery
for Abadeh , Kashan , Neishabour &
Bojnourd Silos
Abadeh , Kashan ,
Neishabour &
Bojnourd Cities
20Abadeh SiloAbadeh City1998Cereal Organization
21Zahedan SiloZahedan City1998Ministry of agriculture
22Kashan SiloKashan City1998Cereal Organization
23Kermanshah SiloKermanshah City1998Ministry of agriculture
24Neishabour SiloNeishabour City1998Cereal Organization
25Mechanized buildings of Zahedan ,
Kermanshah & Ahvaz Silos
Zahedan , Kermanshah &
Ahvaz Cities
1998Administrative of
Silo Projects
26Imam Khokeini SiloB.I.K. City1995P&Shipping Org.
27Hamedan SiloHamedan City1994Ministry of agriculture
28Gonbad SiloGonbad City1993Ministry of agriculture
29Kerman Silo & Flour MillKerman City1992Ministry of agriculture
30Shiraz SiloShiraz City1992Ministry of agriculture

Some of our Power Plants Projects

1Damavand Combine Cycle Power Plant -
2nd. Phase-Cooling Towers
Pakdasht City2012 Mapna Group
2Jandar P.P.-Cooling TowerSyria2010Mapna Group
3Teshreen P.P. Piling & Cooliong TowerSyria2010Mapna Group
4Damavand Combine Cycle Power Plant -
1st. Phase-Cooling Towers
Pakdasht City2010Mapna Group
5Yazd P.P. - Cooling TowersYazd City2006Torhan Industries &
Behin Saman S.
6Sahriati P.P. - Cooling TowerMashhad City2003Mapna Group
7Neishabour P.P. -Cooling TowerNeishabour City2003Mapna Group
8Shahid Rajaei P.P.-Cooling TowerQazvin City2002Mapna Group
9Khoy P.P.- Cooling TowerKhoy City2002Mapna Group
10Montazer Ghaem P.P.-Cooling TowerFardis City2000Mapna Group
11Mofatteh P.P.-Cooling TowerHamedan City2016Mapna Group
13Zanjan Gas Turbine P. P.Zanjan City2011Mapna Group
14Kahnouj P. P.Kahnouj City2009Mapna Group
15Besat Power Plant-SPGDAsaluyeh2012Mapna Co.
16Damavand Gas Turbine P. P.-2nd. PhasePakdasht City2006Mapna Co.
17Damavand Gas Turbine P. P.-1st. PhasePakdasht City2005Mapna Co.
18Kazeroon Gas Turbine P. P.Kazeroon City2004Mapna Group
19Fajr Petrochemical P. P.Mahshahr City2001Fajr.Petrochem. Co.
20Yazd B.O.P Power PlantYazd City2014Mapna Group
21Mahshahr Gas Turbine P. P.Mahshahr City2015Mapna Group
22Damavand Asaluyeh Gas Turbine P. P.Asaluyeh City2017Mapna Group
23Heris Power PlantHeris2021Tana Energi Co.
24Chimney of Qazvin Glazing FactoryAbhar City2008Qazvin Glazing Co.
25Chimney & Steel Structure of Evaluation
Isfehan City2007Zob ahan Co.
26Chimney of Shazand Thermal P.PlantShazand City2001Mapna Co.
27Chimney of Bistoon P.PlantKermanshah City1992Tavanir Co.
28Chimney of Gharb P.PlantHamedan City1992Tavanir Co.
29Saveh-Jam ChimneySaveh City1990Saveh-Jam Glazing

Some of our Cement factories Projects

1Tehran Cement FactoryTehran City2014Tehran Cement Co.
2Mond-e- Dashti Cement Factory-Phase 1Khormoj City2012Mond-e-Dashti
Cement Co.
3Gilan Sabz 3,400 Ton Cement FactoryDeylaman2012Gilan Sabz cement
Industries Co.
4Abyek Cement FactoryAbyek City2009Abyek Cement Co.
5Abyek Cement Factory-2nd. LineAbyek City2009Abyek Cement Co.
6Kerman Momtazan Cement FactoryKerman City2007Momtazan Kerman
Cement Co.
7Increment Products Loading Capacity of
Abyek Cement Factory
Abyek City2006Abyek Cement Co.
8Fars No Cement FactoryShiraz City2006Fars No Cement Co.
9Larestan Cement FactoryLarestan City2006Larestan Cement Co.
10Clinker Production -Abyek Cement FactoryAbyek City2006Abyek Cement Co.
11Isfehan Cement Factory ExtensionIsfehan City2000Isfehan Cement Co.
12Bushehr Cement FactoryBushehr City1998Bushehr Cement Co.
13Ardebil Cement FactoryArdebil City1995Ardebil Cement Co.
14Nyriz Cement Co.Nyriz City1995Neyriz Cement Co.
Behbehan Cement Co.Behbehan City1992Behbehan Cement

Some of our other Projects

1Civil Works of Phase 9 & 10 - South Pars
Gas Development Projects(SPGD)
Asaluyeh City2005OEAC Co.
2Civil Works of Optic Utility ProjectHashtgerd City2001N.A.G. Co.
3Steel Structure works-Asia Housing ComplexTehran2012Taavoni jahad tosee co.
4Saadat Abad Housing ComplexTehran2005Tosee Siloha Co.
5Jahadgaran Cultural/Sports ComplexTehran1997Jahad Constructive
6Building of Educational & Research
Deputy-Jihad Constructive Ministry
Tehran1993Jahad Constructive
7Toga Industrial Turbine-civil worksFardis2012Mapna Turbine
8Mes 40 korehZahedan2014Melli sanaye mes iran Co.
9Iran Khodro over BridgeTehran2003Iran Khodro Co.
10Kan Bridge-Old Karaj RoadTehran1997Municipality Dis.9
11Iran Khodro Under BridgeTehran1996Iran Khodro Co.
12Kan Bridge-Special Karaj RoadTehran1996Municipality Dis.9
13Civil Works of Karaj Poulterer Research
Karaj1997Technical Dept.-Jahad
Constractive Ministry
14Civil Works of Sari Poulterer
Research Center
Sari1997Technical Dept.-Jahad
Constractive Ministry
15Civil Works of Ahwaz Poulterer Research
Ahwaz1997Technical Dept.-Jahad
Constractive Ministry
Civil Works of Haftom Tir TombTehran1995Private Sector
16Official Building of Golgohar Co.sirjan2022Golgohar Co.

Our goal is organizational growth and excellence

Some of our Achievements